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  • Twitter jab at Mavericks costs Rockets' social media manager his job

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 3 days ago

    As the Rockets were putting the finishing touches on a five-game series victory against the rival Mavericks, Houston's social media coordinator posted a controversial Twitter message featuring emojis of a pistol aimed at a horse's end with the caption, "Shhhh. Just close your eyes. It will all be over soon."

    The Dallas logo features a horse, and the imagery was obvious — the 2014-15 Mavs had met their demise. Naturally, once the Mavericks' social media team responded, "Not very classy but we still wish you guys the best of luck in the next round," the Rockets deleted the original message and issued an apology.

    Our Tweet earlier was in very poor taste & not indicative of the respect we have for the @dallasmavs & their fans. We sincerely apologize.

    A day later, it appears the man responsible for the original tweet, digital communications manager Chad Shanks, has been removed from his duties. Of course, Shanks addressed his firing on social media.

    I did my best to make the account the best in the NBA by pushing the envelope, but pushed too far for some and for that I apologize.

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  • Mavericks erase Rajon Rondo from memory, withhold playoff share

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 4 days ago

    The last time Rajon Rondo appeared in a playoff series, he averaged 20.9 points, 11.3 assists and 6.9 boards in a seven-game conference finals loss to the Miami Heat during which he submitted a 44-10-8 performance and was inarguably the best player on the court for stretches opposite LeBron James.

    It was another chapter in the chronicles of Playoff Rondo, a wonderfully unique basketball player who evolved from an unknown second-year point guard overshadowed by future Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen on the 2008 NBA champion Boston Celtics to the most important member of a team that featured the same three aging stars and nearly won another title in 2010.

    So, when Rondo watched from the sidelines as Dallas Mavericks teammate J.J. Barea ran the offense for the final three games of an early first-round exit at the hands of the Houston Rockets, it was a remarkable juxtaposition, illustrating just how far the former All-Star had fallen since tearing his ACL on Jan. 25, 2013.

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  • Kelly Olynyk on Kevin Love's 'bush league' accusation: 'That's ridiculous'

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 6 days ago

    When Kelly Olynyk grabbed Kevin Love's left arm and yanked the All-Star's shoulder from its socket on Sunday, it most certainly wasn't a clean play for the loose ball, resulting in a foul on the Celtics center.

    But was it a dirty play? That has been the subject of much debate in NBA circles since the Cavaliers finished off their first-round sweep, especially once Love suggested Olynyk purposefully injured him.

    Kevin Love: "I thought it was a bush-league play ... I have no doubt in my mind that he did it on purpose"

    More Kevin Love: "That's just not a basketball play ... The league will take a look at it and it better be swift and just"

    Olynyk definitely does not agree with that theory, telling the Boston Herald as much on Sunday night.

    “I wish him a very speedy recovery, and I hope he can come back to help his team in the playoffs,” Olynyk said.

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  • Rajon Rondo, Chandler Parsons and the demise of the 2014-15 Dallas Mavericks

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 10 days ago

    After months of disappointment, this was the moment the Dallas Mavericks had waited for ever since trading for Rajon Rondo on Dec. 19 — finally unveiling Playoff Rondo at American Airlines Center — and now it appears that version of the four-time former All-Star point guard won't show up, either.

    Not 24 hours removed from his benching 34 seconds into the second half of a Game 2 loss to the rival Houston Rockets, the most mercurial of Mavericks is sidelined "indefinitely" with a back injury, according to the team. The news comes in coordination with the announcement that Dallas wing Chandler Parsons — the team's max contract signing this past summer — will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury.

    Mavs say Rajon Rondo suffered a back injury in last night’s game at Houston & is out indefinitely while seeking additional medical opinions.

    The Mavericks say Chandler Parsons is out for the remainder of the season and is exploring right knee surgery options.

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  • Markieff and Marcus Morris officially charged with felony aggravated assault

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 11 days ago

    Almost two weeks after Phoenix police went public with suspicions that twins Markieff and Marcus Morris committed felony aggravated assault, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office officially filed charges against the Suns forwards on Tuesday, according to intrepid reporter Ramona Shelburne.

    The Morris twins stand — rather sizably at 6-foot-10 apiece — accused of punching and kicking a man who reportedly contends he once mentored them during their rise to basketball stardom at Philadelphia's Prep Charter High and the University of Kansas. Three other men, including USC safety and potential NFL draft pick Gerald Bowman, also face charges for the alleged beating outside a youth basketball game.

    When approached by The Republic, Markieff and Marcus Morris denied assaulting Hood and claimed not to even know the 36-year-old man, but a police spokesman's statement to ESPN tells a different story.

  • Once thought lost for the season, Nets' Mirza Teletovic now probable to return

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 11 days ago

    After a surprisingly competitive 99-92 loss to the Eastern Conference-leading Hawks in Game 1, the eighth-seeded Brooklyn Nets received news that should provide another boost of confidence, as third-year Bosnian forward Mirza Teletovic could remarkably return when the series recommences Wednesday in Atlanta.

    Originally diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs that were expected to keep him out for the remainder of the season, Teletovic is now listed as probable for Game 2, according to's Ken Berger.

    The 29-year-old left a 123-84 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Jan. 22 complaining of shortness of breath, and the following day the Nets stated their intention of shutting Teletovic down for the final 39 games of the season, as his blood-thinning treatment would prevent him from competing.

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  • Man arrested in debate over greatness of Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 13 days ago

    There are plenty of basketball topics worth debating, but few if any worth actually coming to blows over, unless of course you're legendary Boston Celtics coach Red Auerbach and St. Louis Hawks owner Ben Kerner questions your integrity, in which case you knock him out at midcourt in front of a sold-out crowd.

    One of the widely accepted truths about basketball, however, is that Micheal Jordan is the greatest player to ever wear an NBA uniform. Bill Russell might have the most championship rings, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar might have the most points and LeBron James might still be penning his chapter in the sport's record books, but in terms of pure basketball brilliance — it's Michael Jordan, and then everybody else.

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  • BDL’s 2014-15 Playoff Previews: Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 16 days ago

    How They Got Here

    • Houston : There’s no explanation for the Rockets’ No. 2 seed beyond James Harden.

    In a virtuoso offensive performance, his 647 made baskets and 565 assists produced precisely 40 percent of Houston’s successful field goals this season. Playing 36.8 minutes a night, he shot 37.5 percent on 555 3-point attempts (top-25 in history) and 86.8 percent on 824 free throw attempts (top-50 in history), leading the league in total points by more than 300, and he still managed to rank sixth in total assists. Harden even upgraded his defense from zero to meh, plucking the NBA’s third-most steals this season, and the end result of it all was a league-high 16.4 win shares

    • Dallas : With just six wins separating the second seed from the seventh out West, the Mavericks are no less title-worthy than the Rockets, but the roads these Texas teams traveled to arrive at this playoff duel require two vastly different narratives.

    Head to Head

    Gauntlet. Thrown.


  • BDL’s 2014-15 Playoff Previews: Toronto Raptors vs. Washington Wizards

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 17 days ago

    How They Got Here

    • Toronto : The way the Raptors (49-33) sped out of the station fueled by the fiery Kyle Lowry, logging the Eastern Conference’s best record by Christmas, and then sputtered into their fourth-place destination, it was as if Casey Jones high on cocaine — and not a more sobering Dwane Casey — was driving Toronto’s train this season. 

    With the vast majority of a core that won 48 games together in 2013-14 back to wade through the East’s shallow pool, Toronto seemed poised to emerge matured from a disappointing early exit in their first playoff appearance of the post-Chris Bosh era. Not even a torn tendon in DeMar DeRozan’s left leg, which cost the 2014 All-Star guard a quarter of his season, could derail Lowry, who submitted the first All-Star campaign of his own career and kept the Raptors on track with a 22-7 start.

    Meanwhile, the addition of Sixth Man of the Year contender Lou Williams to a roster already featuring stalwart reserves Patrick Patterson and Greivis Vasquez bolstered a bench that outscored opponents by a league-high 10.4 points per 100 possessions.

    Head to Head

    Likely Starting Lineups

    Matchups to Watch

    How Toronto Could Win

    How Washington Could Win


  • Lakers season-ticket holders have a choice to make before the lottery

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie 23 days ago

    The Lakers announced a curious renewal deadline for season-ticket holders that has some conspiracy theorists wondering whether the team is trying to get Los Angelenos to pony up big bucks before knowing just what kind of product they'll all be watching at the Staples Center in 2015-16.

    According to The Los Angeles Times, the Lakers issued their annual renewal request to season-ticket holders with a due date of May 18 — the day before the NBA lottery. What's the big deal, you say?

    Well, the Lakers currently own the NBA's fourth-worst record with four games to play, meaning they will likely have an 81 percent chance of landing a top-five pick in the lottery. Of course, there's also a 19 percent chance of selecting sixth or seventh, in which case the pick transfers to the Philadelphia 76ers, since L.A. previously only ascribed top-five protection to the lottery pick in a deal for Steve Nash (the Phoenix Suns later dealt the pick to Philly in a three-team trade for Brandon Knight).

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