Woman exposes alleged cheater after noticing suspicious text message

In response to a prompt in which another tiktok user asked for stories of how people noticed their significant others were cheating on them. @allyjai1997 shared a number of suspicious things her husband had allegedly done. The first thing she noticed, she said, was a text to another woman on his phone that read, "good morning how did you sleep". Later, a girl she worked with sent her screenshots of her husband's alleged online dating profile. Upon further inspection, @allyjai1997 noticed his apparent Tinder bio said he was going through a divorce. After that, she found extra toothpaste, clothes and condoms in his truck, as well as a second phone she said he had been using. She claimed she turned the phone on and easily found there were dating apps with suggestive usernames and passwords associated with them. Her original post, which received more than 1.5 million likes, generated thousands of comments in support. "Cry it out and heal. Find a real man," one person said