Volunteers help visually-impaired go cycling in Brazil

STORY: Maria Delphina Da Costa, Blind cyclist:

“Wonderful, great, one of the things that makes me feel free is riding a bike.”

These visually-impaired people are able to enjoy cycling

with the help of volunteers

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

‘Pedaling Together’ pairs up cyclists with blind or visually-impaired people

to ride tandem bikes along the beachfront

To make the ride more enjoyable

instructors describe their surroundings

Rodrigo Da Silva Souza, Member, Pedaling Together:

“During the ride we give them an audio description – people camping, people paying football, people walking, and this enables them to immerse themselves in the ride since they can’t see. This way they can participate better in the ride.”

“Some days I cry. There are people who were born blind and have never been able to ride a bike, so they haven’t had such an experience. The first time someone rides a bike is magic.”

Around 70 visually-impaired people take part

in the group cycles every month