TikToker secretly 'schedules' boyfriend's friends to call him every 15 min on his birthday

A TikToker's sentimental birthday surprise for her boyfriend has got people talking. Influencer @scoutthepupp coordinated an elaborate birthday gift for her beau, Craig, by organizing all of his loved ones to ring him up every 15 minutes. Although caught off guard, he adored the day-long bonanza of birthday wishes. People appreciated how loving the surprise was without being an expensive gift. She posted the extensive birthday schedule that began at 9 a.m. and ended at 6 p.m., featuring 31 callers. The influencer also shared text messages from Craig as the day unfolded. He was pretty surprised that people were actually calling him to talk. After 23 calls, he finally figured out she had mobilized all his loved ones for the calls. Despite learning of her little scheme, Craig seemed to appreciate the special gift. "Probably my best one ever," he said of this birthday. "Most love I've felt in many birthdays. What a fun day." The thoughtful birthday gift racked up 5.4 million views

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