Tana Mongeau’s Underboob Is Literally Out Of Control While Out in New York City

·1 min read

Tana Mongeau must have sold her soul to some sort of demonic entity, because there's some dark magic going on here—either that or some really strong body tape. The girl serves underboob like every single day and I truly don't know how she pulls off the precarious look without a never-ending series of nip slips. 

For the second time while in NYC, the vlogger is flaunting the goods—like 80% of them, at least. Posing for an iPhone photo shoot in Times Square, Tana wore what was essentially a pair of watercolor loincloths. Both her top and bottom were just a piece of fabric carefully draped over the places usually saved for OnlyFans.  

Honestly, you just need to swipe and see for yourself. This look literally defies the laws of gravity. 

I—there are no words. 

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