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Over/Under Week 13 - Kendrick Bourne

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Will the New England WR go over/under 64.5 receiving yards in week 13?

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: All right, as promised, we are going to do our final over under of the show here on Kendrick Bourne, who has been weirdly good in fantasy. The Patriots' wide receiver is wide receiver 22 right now in half PPR format. I don't think many people saw him being better than AJ Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, Amari Cooper, a lot of really good names and he sits ahead of in the rankings right now. We're going to set the line here at 64 and 1/2 yards and I'm going to go under this one.

Despite the fact, he has been very good of late, like we always say, chase volume, chase volume, don't chase efficiency. The guy has seen more than six targets just twice all year. He's averaging a 51% snap share and that's not like as if it was nothing in the beginning of the season and then something now. He's been a 50-50 player. He's fourth on the team in routes run since week eight.

He has failed to clear this total in eight games all season. So, pretty aggressive here. The actual line of at BetMGM is 31 or 34 and 1/2. I would take the over on that, but I'm going to take the under here. There's a big discrepancy between the two. Minty, I know we're in lockstep on this.

MINTY BETS: Yeah, you already know the answer. I was going back and forth on this, but ultimately, I'm going to have to go with the under. Pat's offense, they're not really a pass heavy offense and the Bills, their defense is stingy through the air.

They're the second best, actually. Although Mac Jones is proving to be a very accurate quarterback. Kendrick Bourne has only exceeded this total once in his last five games, so the underdogs only makes sense.

MATT HARMON: Liz, you've got a look of, give me a break you two clowns. It looks like you're going to disagree with us here, so give us the case.

LIZ LOZA: I would never call them into a clown. I will say--


LIZ LOZA: --that I'm going to put on my game day undies and take the over on this one. What fun are you guys having? Kendrick Bourne is averaging nearly 12 yards per target, 15 yards per reception.

The Bills won't have Tre'Davious White. Come at me with the Levi Wallace stats. Let's go. I'm taking the over. And I do think-- I can't wait for Mindy and I to talk about this Monday night match-up in "Best Bets" because there are some hot takes going on. But yes, give me the over for Bourne and 65.