• Reuters

    Factbox-Peshawar, Pakistan's 'city of flowers', long marred by militant violence

    Here are some facts about the city, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan's smallest province by land area and the third most populous province after Punjab and Sindh. * Peshawar, home to about two million people, is located in northwest Pakistan, just 55 km (miles) east of the Pakistan-Afghan border crossing of Torkham along the Khyber Pass. Throughout its history, the city has played a major role in linking central Asia, India and beyond.

  • BBC

    What impact has Brexit had on the UK economy?

    It is three years since the UK left the EU and time to start looking at the evidence.

  • Associated Press

    China accuses Washington of wanting 'technological hegemony'

    China’s government accused Washington on Tuesday of pursuing “technology hegemony” following news reports the United States might step up pressure on tech giant Huawei by blocking all access to American suppliers. The possible move, reported by Bloomberg News, The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal, would tighten restrictions imposed in 2019 that limit Huawei’s access to processor chips and other technology. Huawei Technologies Ltd., China’s first global tech brand, is at the center of conflict between Washington and Beijing over technology and security.