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This business of expensive, restricted and slow Internet in Beijing is at the crux of one of the most competitive Olympic games, and we're still more than a week from opening ceremonies. This battle pits headline writers against one another, and doesn't need a torch to commence festivities.

The field of competition isn't limited to sports media, either. Read and observe one religious Web site's take on the problems facing citizens in Beijing and throughout China.

Notice the beautiful intertwining of modern-day Internet problems with the world's premiere 6th Century BC structure.  

The Sydney Morning Herald most certainly did. They compared the Olympic media's online struggles to that mystical Chinese firewall wreaking havoc throughout Olympic Village.

And when the Olympics personnel suffer from faulty Internet, we call in the world wide web's tech department to sort through all this mess.

All three publications of distinct backgrounds with different insights into a similar problem. All three vying for the gold in media headline writing.  We are the world indeed. 

Fourth-Place Medal

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