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What's a Winter Olympics without snow? Well, yeah, it's the Summer Olympics. But what if it's supposed to be a Winter Olympics and they don't have any snow at these so-called Winter Olympics?

You got it. It's the Vancouver Olympics. Snow-free since 2010.

Right now, it's a balmy 46 degrees in Vancouver. Obviously that's not cold enough for natural snow. But the funny thing is, it's also not cold enough to make fake snow. Classic.

So what to do? That's what the Vancouver Organizing Committee is wondering as well. Right now, they're getting whatever snow they can, in whatever way they can. That means flying it in with helicopters and driving it in on dump trucks. And then waiting and hoping the 50-degree weather and possible rain doesn't melt their precious flakes.

Don't worry. If there is no snow, there's a plan. According to the Associated Press, organizers are considering "using straw and wood to take the place of snow to build the base for the courses." I can't wait to see skiers flying down the hill, carving up some enormous bales of hay like the Olympians of yore.

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