Olympic Figure Skater Adam Rippon Reveals Beauty Routine and Crush on Harry Styles

"Harry Styles is living that solo singer career, I'm into it."

Adam Rippon, Olympian figure skater, is a literal icon. Let's count all the reasons, shall we? For one, he's the first openly gay American to win a medal at the Olympics. For another, he publicly called out Vice President Mike Pence's anti-LGBTQ stance. He's also absolutely hilarious. Not only is his Twitter an endless supply of quips, brutal comebacks, Drag Race references, and ingenious memery, but every single one of his interviews deserves some kind of medal. But just when you thought you didn't need another reason to stan, Adam's gone ahead and given yet another quoteworthy interview.

This one's with Us Weekly, which sat down with the Olympian on Tuesday to talk his beauty tips, who he'd be if he weren't a figure skater, and other things you had no idea you were dying to know about Adam. The interview already starts off on a legendary note, with Adam trying out the final notes of the national anthem before giving up and saying, "I'm not Harry Styles."

It only gets better from there. As it turns out, Adam's celebrity crush is Harry Styles. "I didn't realize he was cute until One Direction broke up, but now that, like, Harry Styles is living that solo singer career, I'm into it." In answer as to whether he has a beauty routine, Adam replied, "Oh hell yeah. It takes a lot of effort to look this mediocre. It takes a lot of lotions, a lot of creams, a few plucks of the eyebrow here and there, but you know what? It’s worth it, let me tell you.”

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He also shared his love for "trashy club music" and the time he split a hole in the crotch of his pants and didn't realize it until he felt snowflakes melting down his butt, before giving us possibly his most iconic one-liner yet: "If I wasn't a figure skater, I'd be a hot mess." (Um, same?) But amid all this hilarity, Adam still left room for some important truths. He said one of his favorite quotes is, “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take." "And it's so true," said Adam. "You know what? The ice can be slippery, you can make mistakes, but if you don't give one hundred percent, you'll always regret that. But if you give something one hundred percent, you will always walk away and be proud of yourself."

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