Edmonton Oilers

 | 0-0
  • Goals For
    243 GF
  • Goals Against
    207 GA
  • Power Play %
    22.9 PP%
  • Penalty Kill %
    80.7 PK%
  • Penalty Mins
    738 PIM
  • Sophomore Oilers: Realistic Expectations
    The Hockey Writers

    Sophomore Oilers: Realistic Expectations

    There are a handful of players on the Edmonton Oilers who will be returning for their second season with the team. For these players, their first year was one that ended in disappointing fashion but at the same time was a year that has to be viewed as extremely promising. They joined a successful team

  • Friday Morning Hot Links: Klefbom's World
    The Copper & Blue

    Friday Morning Hot Links: Klefbom's World

    You've made it to the weekend! Treat yourself to these hotlinks. A Partial Defense of Klefbom's GAR: (Copper and Blue) - Corey dives deep into the numbers on Oscar Klefbom's 24th birthday. Oscar Klefbom will certainly be on our Top 25 under 25 set to debut on July 31st, but where? Blues Sign

  • A Partial Defense of Oscar Klefbom's GAR
    The Copper & Blue

    A Partial Defense of Oscar Klefbom's GAR

    I'll get the bad news out of the way early. It is, in my opinion, pretty unlikely that Oscar Klefbom was the league's most valuable defenceman last season, despite what GAR says. Boooo! It's the guy's birthday. What kind of present is that?!?! Ok, it's not all bad news. I decided,