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Cagewriter already wrote about the three biggest fight stars from Strikeforce's show on Saturday night, but we can agree that the true breakout star from the fights was referee Mike Beltran and his mustache.

That is a work of art. He could braid his mustache into a loop, and have his own facial door knocker. He could tie each end in a bow across his mouth to protest censorship, saving money on duct tape. He could attach his glasses to his mustache, thereby eliminating the need for a glasses chain. He could have signaled the draw in the Mousasi-Jardine match by holding up both ends of the mustache.

After the death of Steve Mazzagatti's mustache, the MMA world was in search of fantastic facial hair to take its place. Sure, Antonio Banuelos stepped up, but we needed more. Thanks, Mike Beltran, for filling that need.

UPDATE: Tracy Lee shared a picture of the 'stache in action from one of the undercard fights. Dare I say, it is glorious.

Thanks to Fightlinker for the top image.

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