New York Yankees

New York Yankees

 | 10-15
  • Batting Avg
    .241 AVG
  • Runs
    807 R
  • Earned Runs Avg
    3.30 ERA
  • WHIP
    1.12 WHIP
  • Pinstripe Alley

    Yankees 2023 Season Preview: Luis Severino

    A long, long time ago, Luis Severino was that rarest of diamonds: the homegrown starting pitching prospect who, after a bit of an adjustment at the big league level, turned into a bona fide ace. Between 2017 and 2018, the All-Star right-hander won 33 games while tossing over 380 innings. From 2019 through 2021, Severino managed to toss a total of 18 innings for the Yankees. Hopes were high for him entering last season, although I doubt anyone was really confident they knew what the Yankees would get from Severino.