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    Kim Kardashian Thinks She Will Only 'Look Good' For The Next 10 Years

    Kim Kardashian thinks she will only "look good" for the next 10 years so that could hinder her acting ability.

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    Dinosaur from Montana had horns like Norse god Loki's blades

    About 78 million years ago in what was then a subtropical coastal plain - now the badlands of northern Montana - lived a four-legged plant-eating dinosaur built a bit like a rhinoceros with a fabulously ornate set of horns on its head. Lokiceratops had two curving horns more than 16 inches (40 cm) long above its eyes, small horns on its cheeks, and blades and spikes along its extended head shield.

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    PayPal hires Walmart exec as chief technology officer in AI push

    PayPal has hired one of Walmart's top tech executives Srini Venkatesan to head up the company's push into artificial intelligence as its new chief technology officer, the company told Reuters on Thursday. Venkatesan will oversee technology across the payments giant, including AI and machine learning, information security and product engineering, the company said. Under PayPal CEO Alex Chriss -- who joined in September -- the company has tried to tap into investor enthusiasm for AI, announcing new AI-based products in January, like a platform that enables merchants to reach new customers based on their prior shopping history.