This frugal woman is a treasure hunting expert

Meet Jenny, the extreme frugalist who cuts down on spending by no electricity days and "treasure hunting" around New York City

Video Transcript

- Being frugal and being minimal-- actually, they go hand-in-hand because when you're frugal, you're not buying too much stuff. And by nature, if you don't have too much stuff, you're kind of a minimalist, too.

Hi, I'm Jenny. And I am extremely frugal.

I think being frugal is being smart with your money. So it's not like you can't spend any money, but it's more about being thoughtful. There are a lot of things that I practice. One is to go treasure hunting or trash picking, if you will.

All right. So it's trash day in New York City today-- Sunday, at the end of the month-- which is the time you find the best kind of trash. I feel like a lot of people do purchase more than they need, and we can see that just from the trash that's being laid out in the street-- not weekly but basically daily.

[INAUDIBLE] could use one of these. You put files in there for work. Look at that.

A lot of people throw things out, and they don't think about how much value they can add to other people's lives. And I find that you can really find a lot of treasures out there if you go looking. And, you know, it's really important to remember how you got to the place you are in right now. And if it means sacrificing a little bit on myself so that I can spoil somebody else, then I'm all for that.