Fans reckon Paris Hilton's giving Sharpay Evans energy in her latest Instagram

Anyone who didn't grow up in the era of Juicy Couture velour tracksuits (before the Y2K revival, that is) and High School Musical films, feel free to tap out now. But for those who know what I'm talking about, you're gonna love this. Noughties queen Paris Hilton has just gone and shared her latest outfit on Instagram, and fans can't stop commenting on her resemblance to another 2000s icon, Sharpay Evans.

Now, in case you forgot, High School Musical 2 was a 2007 cinematic *masterpiece*. The gang was back together again but, despite the lush location, there was a whole load of ~drama~ to keep us entertained. Plus, the soundtrack delivered countless bangers ranging from Troy Bolton's angsty power ballad 'Bet On It' to Sharpay's oh-so-extra track 'Fabulous'. But I digress. Why this is all relevant is because, deliberately or not, Paris just took us on a glorious trip down memory lane.

Overnight, the 41-year-old uploaded a mini clip of her living her best life on a golf course (similar to the one in HSM2) while dressed in a major 'fit. The look in question is a preppy baby pink and white co-ord consisting of a pleated mini skirt, teamed with a cropped jacket, crop top and heart-shaped sunglasses. As for shoes, Paris reps a pair of glitzy heels as she skips across the grass. Basically, it's giving all the glam we'd expect from the star and, for fans, there's one other name that brought this very similar energy to the golfing green.

Paris captioned the vid, "That’s how we do it ⛳️💃🏼😎 #LovesIt" - watch it for yourself here:

Followers were high-key loving the clip, commenting:

So cute ❤️❤️❤️

The skip tho 😂😂😂💖💖💖

So hot!!🔥

That skip is my favourite 😝♥️

Sliving on the golf course 💖✨

And it wasn't long before a few pointed out the epic nostalgic likeness:

It’s giving Sharpay Evans 💗

Sharpay Evans who?

I don't know about you, but I'm now actively manifesting a Sharpay Evans/Paris Hilton collaboration of some description.

Paris also shared more footage, this time showing her putting skills into action:

All golfing aside, though, it's been a busy few weeks for Paris. Last month, the star confirmed she is now a mum (!). Here's the sweet bb announcement she shared at the time along with the caption, "You are already loved beyond words 💙"

Yep, we loves it.

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