Cook up some love with Libby's "Cansgiving" this Thanksgiving

Cook up some love and revamp old family recipes with Libby's and Jocelyn Delk Adams this 'Cansgiving'. Thanksgiving is a holiday overflowing with time-honored traditions. each family has their own treasured traditions that it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without. But what if those traditions could continue to be honored while being appreciated in a whole new way?. "My relationship with food and cooking has always been about taking recipes passed down through my family and giving them a new twist" - Jocelyn Delk Adams. Jocelyn is partnering with Libby’s Vegetables and their annual "Cansgiving" contest to encourage families everywhere to rethink their Thanksgiving menu staples. getting creative in the kitchen this year can yield more than just delicious new recipes. Some lucky home cooks could win $5,000 towards college for their classic recipe revamps. what would "Big Mama" Maggie say about Jocelyn reimagining tried and true recipes?. "My grandmother was amazing at playing around with flavors. She was so creative; she never did the same thing twice" - Jocelyn Delk Adams. as for why Jocelyn decided to partner with Libby's, she says it was a natural fit. "Being able to have the convenience and cut down on the prep work so I can still put nutritious meals out for my daughter and my family - has been a home run for me" - Jocelyn Delk Adams. enter the "Cansgiving" contest by using a can of Libby’s Vegetables in a classic Thanksgiving recipe. Then, submit that new recipe to the contest website, or snap a photo and share it to Instagram using the hashtag #LibbysCansgivingContest and #LibbysVegetables