Evicted 'Big Brother Canada' Season 10 star Jacey-Lynne Graham slams Haleena Gill's game

Josh Nash and Jacey-Lynne Graham on Big Brother Canada Season 10, hosted by Arisa Cox (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions) (Joanna Bell)

Big Brother Canada Season 10 is left with just four houseguests after Thunder Bay's Jacey-Lynne Graham was evicted over Josh Nash.

“I'm disappointed I'm not in the running for the grand prize anymore but the house was starting to get extremely intense,” Jacey-Lynne told Yahoo Canada. “It was a little heavy for my liking so right now, I'm feeling extremely relieved to be in jury.”

“I'm ready to unpack all of my feelings, all my emotions.”

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Jacey-Lynne was one half of the “showmance” of the season, alongside Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos. While there’s always some risk to forming any alliance in reality competition shows like Big Brother Canada, Jacey-Lynne thinks that the two were able to “balance each other out.”

“I was always very paranoid and on edge, and really fired up all the time, so he was able to kind of bring me down a notch whenever I was feeling like that,” Jacey-Lynne explained. “I think sometimes he wasn't on his toes enough, so we definitely balanced each other out in that way.”

“We were friends before any kind of romantic stuff started... I know it's not a solid foundation because we only knew each other for a few days but it's every single hour you're hanging out with this person, it felt like a lot longer. I felt like we benefited each other game-wise and emotionally.”

Big Brother Canada Season 10 hosted by Arisa Cox (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions)
Big Brother Canada Season 10 hosted by Arisa Cox (Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions)

Looking at the people left in the Big Brother Canada house, Jacey-Lynne admits she’s still bitter about her eviction, revealing that she believes Haleena Gill is the most untrustworthy person left in the house, after Haleena decided not to use her Veto to protect Jacey-Lynne, and voted for her to be evicted.


“I just can't trust a damn word that girl says and she's proven it time and time again,” Jacey-Lynne said. “I don't know where her head’s at, I think she's willing to say and do anything at this point to get herself further in the game.”

“Good for you, do your thing, but I think she could just do it…in a more straightforward way. Yeah, I just don't respect the way she's doing it.”

When it comes to who she thinks will make it to the end of the game, Jacey-Lynne thinks it’s a battle between Josh and Kevin Jacobs, even though she’s personally rooting for Kevin at this point.

Moving into the jury, being able to cast a vote that impacts who ultimately wins, Jacey-Lynne, like many of the other evicted houseguests, said she’s going to be evaluating who the most “well-rounded” player is in the house.


“I think somebody who played a really strong social game, was able to manage relationships well, and then if somebody has a few little secrets that they pull out on finale night,” she said. "Maybe somebody that we didn't know...had as much influence as we thought."

New episodes of Big Brother Canada Season 10 air Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Global, streaming online the next day.