15th Premier League | 0-0
  • Goals For
    48 GF
  • Assists
    28 GA
  • Shots
    439 Shots
  • Saves
    156 SAV
  • Make Your Case: Jack Rodwell
    Roker Report

    Make Your Case: Jack Rodwell

    Simon - Play Jack At The Back! Every day Jack Rodwell remains solely a central midfielder is another day of utter irresponsibility at Sunderland AFC. Here’s a cornucopia of reasons why. We’re talking about a player whose career has been nothing but false dawns; his last season of any notoriety was six years ago; he went three years without regular football before joining Sunderland, and he has colossally tanked since day one here. And much of that can be attributed to this persistent lie that Jack Rodwell can achieve as a holding midfield player. Look, this is no cheap shot at the player.  Rodwell has talent – it’s just being applied in the wrong place; and subsequently Jack has the unwanted

  • Five Games I'm Looking Forward To
    Roker Report

    Five Games I'm Looking Forward To

    Sam Allardyce has departed for England, drinking deep from that most poisoned of chalices, replaced by a man top of most Sunderland fans (and Ellis Short’s) managerial wish-lists for the last decade. Now we can look forward to a few weeks of frenetic transfer activity, followed by the big kick off against Manchester City on August 13th. Here are just five reasons I'm excited about the new season. Sunderland vs Middlesbrough - August 21, 1:30pm We all shed a tear when Newcastle finally succumbed to the inevitable in May (especially because, as we all now realise, this was the best year to be relegated). But fortunately for those of us who like to see all the North East teams do well, plucky little