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Marian Gaborik

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The rumors regarding the trade of Minnesota Wild star Marian Gaborik have gotten crazy. The most recent one has Gaborik going to the Pittsburgh Penguins straight up for Pittsburgh's Evgeni Malkin to Edmonton.

The Montreal press has given legs to the rumor that has Gaborik going to the Canadiens for winger Chris Higgins, backup goalie Jaroslav Halak and either a first-round draft pick or top prospect Ryan McDonagh.

Like all rumors, this one is not substantiated by a named source. That doesn't mean it's not true, but it does mean one should approach it with caution. For one thing, the numbers don't add up: If the deal were done as is, Montreal would be about $3.86 million over the cap. And acquiring a backup goaltender doesn't make much sense for the Wild. On the other hand, Wild general manager Doug Risebrough is certainly tight with Habs GM Bob Gainey, a former Canadiens teammate, and it's safe to assume he'd want to trade Gaborik out of the Western Conference.

Whatever, it's enough for Montreal newspapers to have questioned Higgins about it. He told La Presse, "I'm starting to be a little bothered." Canadiens coach Guy Carbonneau said of Higgins, "His name returns in rumors because you don't stop talking about Marian Gaborik. Stop talking about Gaborik, and we'll stop hearing Higgins' name."

Source: Pioneer Press

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