Oakland Raiders

5-6-0, 3rd AFC West
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Buffalo Marcus Thigpen 11/25 WR Signed To Buffalo
Denver Christian Ponder 11/25 QB Signed To Denver
Oakland Jeremy Ross 11/25 WR Active/prac. squad
Oakland John Lotulelei 11/25 LB Pract. squad add From Jacksonville
San Francisco Ray-Ray Armstrong 11/25 LB Acquired from waiver To San Francisco
San Francisco Ray-Ray Armstrong 11/24 LB Cut
Carolina Ras-I Dowling 11/23 S Pract. squad add To Carolina
Oakland Shelby Harris 11/19 DE Active/prac. squad
Oakland Jeremy Ross 11/19 WR Pract. squad add From Baltimore
Oakland George Atkinson III 11/17 RB Pract. squad add
Oakland Adam Gettis 11/17 G Pract. squad add From NY Giants
Oakland Rajion Neal 11/17 RB Pract. squad del
Oakland Aldon Smith 11/17 LB Suspended (1 year (NFL Substance Abuse Policy))
Buffalo Marcus Thigpen 11/14 WR Cut
Oakland Tevin McDonald 11/14 S Pract. squad add
Oakland Gabe Holmes 11/13 TE Active/prac. squad
Oakland Tevin McDonald 11/12 S Cut
Detroit C.J. Wilson 11/09 DT Acquired from waiver To Detroit
Detroit C.J. Wilson 11/07 DT Cut
Oakland Tevin McDonald 11/07 S Active/prac. squad
Buffalo Walt Powell 11/06 WR Pract. squad add To Buffalo
Buffalo Marcus Thigpen 11/04 WR Signed From Indianapolis
Buffalo Walt Powell 11/03 WR Cut
Oakland Shelby Harris 11/03 DE Pract. squad add
Oakland Korey Toomer 11/01 LB Active/prac. squad