Los Angeles Rams

2nd NFC West | 1-1
  • Passing Yards
    169.5 PYPG
  • Rushing Yards
    64.5 RYPG
  • Total Yards Per Game
    234.0 YPG
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    Editorial: Short takes on mascots, mutts, fans and foundlings

    That awkward stage St. Louis University’s new Billiken mascot got overwhelmingly negative reviews after its new look was unveiled Wednesday. Half gray and half white with a big blue eye, the mascot is intended to match the new logo the campus began using in November. The mascot’s distinctly menacing look has some fans recoiling. No matter the public’s outrage — including alumni threats to stop donating — SLU President Fred Pestello did what a good parent should do, responding with humor and good spirits to the disparaging comments. “Change is hard,” he tweeted. “@The_Billiken is currently going through puberty. Like us, his awkwardness is best met with compassion.” Seems like a message that has

  • Cover32

    Jeff Fisher plays the intrigue card with Rams QB depth chart

    Call it palace intrigue, call it cat and mouse. In a decision that has an equally interchangeable possibility, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher wants to keep us guessing with either Jared Goff as the backup or Sean Mannion. The ineptitude the Los Angeles Rams continue to display with their first round pick is mind-numbing.

  • Sunday open thread
    Bucs Nation

    Sunday open thread

    The Seahawks are a Super Bowl caliber team suppressed by a fatally flawed offensive line - SBNation.com Seattle has routinely overcome OL issues in recent seasons, but that’s now a bigger challenge than ever. Mike Wallace has more touchdowns in 2 games with the Ravens than he did in his entire 2015 season - SBNation.com The Ravens offense was left with a hole when Torrey Smith left, but Mike Wallace looks like a capable replacement. Fan Sports Custom Buccaneers Motorcycle Frank Myers recently finished a project to fully customize his motorcycle with a Buccaneers theme. Bucs Beat: Week 3 vs. Los Angeles A quick look at the Buccaneers' matchup against the Rams. Rams vs. Bucs Fantasy Football Weekly