Carolina Panthers

11-0-0, 1st NFC South
Team Player Date Pos Comment
Carolina Colin Cole 9/30 DT Cut
Carolina Ryan Delaire 9/30 DE Active/prac. squad From Washington
Miami Brandon Williams 9/30 TE Pract. squad add To Miami
Carolina Marcus Ball 9/29 S Pract. squad add
Miami Marcus Lucas 9/29 WR Pract. squad add To Miami
Carolina Jared Allen 9/28 DE Traded (for 6th-round draft pick in 2016) From Chicago
Carolina Brenton Bersin 9/26 WR Active/prac. squad
Miami Brandon Williams 9/26 TE Cut
Carolina Damiere Byrd 9/22 WR Pract. squad add
Carolina Brian Blechen 9/22 LB Pract. squad del
Carolina Pierce Burton 9/19 T Pract. squad add From Atlanta
Carolina Damiere Byrd 9/19 WR Pract. squad del
Carolina Fernando Velasco 9/17 C Signed From Tennessee
New Orleans Tony Hills 9/16 T Pract. squad add To Baltimore
St. Louis Eric Kush 9/16 G Pract. squad add From Tampa Bay
St. Louis Melvin White 9/16 CB Pract. squad add To St. Louis
NY Giants Shane McDermott 9/16 C Pract. squad del
Carolina Luke Kuechly 9/10 LB Re-signed (Five-year extension (through 2021))
Chicago Martin Wallace 9/09 T Pract. squad add To Tampa Bay
Arizona Carrington Byndom 9/09 CB Pract. squad del
NY Giants Shane McDermott 9/09 C Pract. squad add From Dallas
Pittsburgh Jordan Todman 9/06 RB Signed To Pittsburgh
Carolina Chas Alecxih 9/06 DT Pract. squad add
Carolina Brenton Bersin 9/06 WR Pract. squad add
Carolina Brian Blechen 9/06 LB Pract. squad add
Arizona Carrington Byndom 9/06 CB Pract. squad add
Carolina Damiere Byrd 9/06 WR Pract. squad add
Carolina Rakim Cox 9/06 DE Pract. squad add
Carolina David Foucault 9/06 T Pract. squad add
Carolina Adarius Glanton 9/06 LB Pract. squad add
Carolina Scott Simonson 9/06 TE Pract. squad add
Carolina Lou Young 9/06 CB Pract. squad add
Carolina Chas Alecxih 9/05 DT Cut
Carolina Marcus Ball 9/05 S Cut
Carolina Brenton Bersin 9/05 WR Cut
Carolina Brian Blechen 9/05 LB Cut
Carolina Mike Brown 9/05 WR Cut
Arizona Carrington Byndom 9/05 CB Cut
Carolina Damiere Byrd 9/05 WR Cut
Carolina Rakim Cox 9/05 DE Cut
Carolina David Foucault 9/05 T Cut
Carolina Adarius Glanton 9/05 LB Cut
Atlanta T.J. Heath 9/05 CB Cut
Miami Marcus Lucas 9/05 WR Cut
Carolina Jordan McCray 9/05 G Cut
Carolina Terry Redden 9/05 DT Cut
Carolina Scott Simonson 9/05 TE Cut
Chicago Martin Wallace 9/05 T Cut
Carolina Lou Young 9/05 CB Cut
Carolina Ricky Henry 9/05 G Cut
Pittsburgh Jordan Todman 9/05 RB Cut
Minnesota Jason Trusnik 9/05 LB Cut
St. Louis Brian Folkerts 9/05 C Cut
St. Louis Melvin White 9/03 CB Cut
Carolina Derek Anderson 9/02 QB Re-signed (Two-year extension (through 2017))
Carolina Jarrett Boykin 9/01 WR Cut
Carolina Kenny Horsley 9/01 DT Cut
Carolina Robert Lester 9/01 S Cut
Carolina De'Andre Presley 9/01 WR Cut
Carolina Davonte Wallace 9/01 T Cut
St. Louis Melvin White 9/01 CB Cut
Carolina Micanor Regis 9/01 DT Cut
Buffalo Kevin Reddick 9/01 LB Acquired from waiver To Buffalo