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Now that Almighty NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has let it be known that ex-con quarterback Michael Vick(notes) isn't going to be suspended for the season, rumblings are starting as to where the dog lover will end up - and it isn't in the fledgling United Football League, which some previously believed would be his only chance to make some dough for throwing a ball.

The Los Angeles Times is proposing that the New England Patriots may have some interest in bringing Vick in as a backup to Tom Brady(notes). After all, the Patriots haven't been afraid to sign such controversial players as Randy Moss(notes), who had a past history of marijuana use, knocking over a police officer with his car, and pretending to moon opposing fans, and Corey Dillon(notes), who supposedly just had a bad attitude, in the past.

The Miami Dolphins are also considered a possible landing spot for Vick, depending on whether Bill Parcells wants to bench his new prize possession, former West Virginia quarterback Pat White(notes). And Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis is always happy to give a controversial player a 14th chance.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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