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Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre(notes) is 39 years old and his arm isn't in perfect shape anymore. So the Vikings apparently have him on some sort of pitch count, according to he St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Head Coach Brad Childress says he doesn't want to overwork the old guy: "You have to keep an eye on it," he said.

Last year, Favre apparently threw about 200 balls when he first practiced with the New York Jets, according to Favre, while he only threw a few dozen this time around when he first practiced with the Vikes. Plus, there were no witnesses this year except for teammates and coaching staff. Meanwhile, last year, Favre had to immediately perform in front of 10,000 salivating New Yorkers. Not a good way to ease into a new position.

But who will take over when Favre reaches his throw count? Tarvaris Jackson(notes)? Not likely. He's still expected to be traded or released.

Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press

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