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Despite the fact that nobody cared or even knew it was coming, Brett Favre's(notes) 500th touchdown pass was celebrated by ESPN with graphical vigor usually not seen outside moon landings or presidential elections.

When Favre threw his 500th TD pass, a milestone that has captured the imagination of no people nor one that most weren't even aware existed before Monday night, ESPN trumpeted the achievement with a pre-loaded graphic to celebrate:

Even worse than the cheesy banner is that Mike Tirico leads his call by screaming about the 500th touchdown pass and then follows that up by touting that it's the first TD connection between Favre and Moss. Meanwhile, the Vikings had just scored a crucial touchdown to turn what had been a mind-numbingly boring 12-0 game into a potential 12-7 thriller.

This is one of the dozen or so problems with the MNF booth. They refuse to deviate from the script at all. Clearly, it was discussed that when Favre threw his 500th touchdown, Tirico was to remind viewers during his call. But at the expense of describing the game action? If Favre had thrown a game-winner for his 500th, would ESPN have done the same?

In other news, this is my 600th post at Shutdown Corner. Let's celebrate.

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