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The Charlotte Bobcats' Stephen Jackson(notes) has been around the NBA for about a decade and you'd think he'd heard and seen it all. But he seems to think the Boston Celtics are taking things to another level when it comes to trash talk, according to the Boston Globe.

"Certain things were said, quotes by certain people, and there's no need for me to drop names, they know what was said,'' Jackson said. While he wouldn't say any names, the Globe reports that the guy he was most annoyed with was Paul Pierce(notes). At one point in Wednesday's game, Jackson and Pierce had to be separated and they were both given technical fouls.

"I respect them as a team, they're a great team and they play hard, but when they get to a point where they get to disrespecting people and it's not about basketball, that's where I have a problem," Jackson told the Globe.

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Source: Boston Globe

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