Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Twins

 | 73-89
  • Batting Avg
    .241 AVG
  • Runs
    729 R
  • Earned Runs Avg
    4.83 ERA
  • WHIP
    1.32 WHIP
  • Pinstripe Alley

    Minnesota's performance at the plate echoes the Yankees

    The 2021 Yankees season was widely considered a disappointment, due to the severely underperforming offense that led to “just” a 92-win season and an elimination in the AL Wild Card Game. The Twins, however, would have loved to be even within spitting distance of that performance, as the AL Central favorites instead fell to the division’s basement and were forced to sell at the trade deadline, ending the year with a 73-89 record (20 games behind the White Sox). How the mighty have fallen!