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  • Didi Gregorius gets hit in a sensitive spot while trying to get the force out

    Chris Cwik at Big League Stew7 hrs ago

    The first rule of baseball should be "always wear a cup." Taking a hit to the groin is never enjoyable, and taking that risk on a field where a small, hard ball is flying around at crazy speeds is insane.

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    It's not a rule, of course, and some players are willing to take that chance. New York Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius became the latest player to be thankful he was wearing one.

    Elvis Andrus avoids the tag by whacking Didi Gregorius in the junk while sliding into 2nd

    Based on Gregorius' reaction, we're going to guess taking that hit wasn't too enjoyable. 

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Turns out, Gregorius was wearing a cup. While it helped, it still hurt.

    Well getting hit in the private part with a cup on its not fun... It still hurts imagine if I wasnt wearing any :-o...

    It all started with a routine ground ball to second base. With Elvis Andrus on first, Gregorius ran over to cover second for the force out. That's when disaster struck.

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