Jeff Passan

  • Loophole offers potential path for some minor league players to smoke way onto major league rosters

    Jeff Passan at Yahoo Sports12 days ago

    Inside a minor league clubhouse this year, a player who had tested positive for marijuana a second time informed teammates of the 50-game suspension he would serve because of it. The player wasn't concerned, according to a witness. He didn't plan on curtailing his marijuana use, either.

    "I'll just smoke my way onto the 40-man," he said.

    In the annals of drug use, this might be a first: an employee trying to get a promotion by getting high.

    The scenario suggested by the player, whose identity Yahoo Sports agreed to conceal to protect him from further potential discipline, shows the chasm between the reasonable drug policy for major league players on a team's 40-man roster and the harsh rules for minor leaguers that have yet to change with a culture becoming more and more accepting of marijuana. If a player shows major league potential and a team wants to shelter him from a 100-game suspension for a third offense or lifetime ban for a fourth, it simply needs to place him on the 40-man and subject him to a major league policy that cannot suspend players who test positive for weed.

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