Zionsville Swim Club competes at Senior Championships

Mar. 11—The Zionsville Swim Club had a strong showing at the Indiana Spring Senior Championships this weekend.

The Eagles placed second in the combined standings behind Fishers Area Swimming Tigers, and placed second in the boys and fourth in the girls standings.

The prelims were all swam in the yards, then the finals were swum in meters.


Walker Mattice won the 100 freestyle in 52.27. He was also fourth in the 200-back in 2:09.24, fifth in the 50-free in 24.27, third in the 200-IM in 2:11.65, 15th in the 100-fly in 59.54 and third in the 400-free in 4:11.86.

Ava Metzger won the 400-meter freestyle in 4:25.67. She was also fourth in the 100-free in 58.43, 22nd in the 50-free in 27.79, fifth in the 200-free in 2:08.31 and 19th in the 100-fly in 1:07.00.

Jake Tarara won the 200-free in 1:57.40. He was second in the 100-free in 52.81, second in the 50-free in 23.94 and third in the 100-back in 59.58.

Maddie Akin was 14th in the 200-yard backstroke in 2:28.82, sixth in the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:15.33, fourth in the 200-yard breaststroke in 2:43.53, 36th in the 100-yard backstroke in 1:00.14, and 35th in the 200-yard IM in 2:14.07.

Allie Buroker was 68th in the 100-free in 55.71, 64th in the 100-breast in 1:11.48, 76th in the 50-free in 25.72, and 58th in the 200-breast in 2:41.00.

Gavin Coogan was 17th in the 100-free in 55.02, 56th in the 100-breast in 1:02.13, fourth in the 200-fly in 2:08.68, 15th in the 200-IM in 2:16.20, 21st in the 100-fly in 59.48 and sixth in the 400-free in 4:14.85.

Eli Dollens was 53rd in the 100-free in 49.28, 69th in the 50-free in 22.93, 32nd in the 200-free in 2:06.25 and 79th in the 100-fly in 56.36.

Toby Dollens was 26th in the 100-free in 55.74, 27th in the 100-breast in 1:11.51, 54th in the 50-free in 22.79, 17th in the 200-breast in 2:37.11, and 16th in the 200-free in 2:03.33.

Ava Fleming was 39th in the 1500 in 20:21.62, 60th in the 100-breast in 1:10.82, 51st in the 200-breast in 2:35.18 and 25th in the 800-free in 10:34.72.

Katie Gordon was 39th in the 100-breast in 1:22.56, 71st in the 50-free in 25.64, 30th in the 200-breast in 2:58.11 and 40th in the 200-free in 2:27.20.

Maggie Hadley was 34th in the 100-free in 54.10, 28th in the 100-breast in 1:20.19, 53rd in the 50-free in 25.25 and 12th in the 100-fly in 59.00.

Annabelle Hermacinski placed 14th in the 200-fly in 2:31.34, 46th in the 200-IM in 2:16.23 and 42nd in the 100-fly in 59.72.

Brady Hinshaw was 15th in the 100-free in 54.73, eighth in the 50-free in 24.70, 18th in the 100-back in 1:02.68 and 19th in the 100-fly in 1:01.49.

Nikita Hovyadinov was 17th in the 400-IM in 5:03.53, 46th in the 100-breast in 1:01.51, 29th in the 200-breast in 2:41.31, 58th in the 100-back in 55.95 and 41st in the 200-IM in 2:01.76.

Kira Hunter placed fifth in the 1500-free in 18:35.41, 24th in the 400-IM in 5:27.55, fifth in the 800-free in 9:39.98, 59th in the 200-free in 2:02.03, and 16th in the 400-free in 4:44.94.

Claire McAfee was 33rd in the 200-fly in 2:15.81, 80t in the 100-back in 1:07.49 and 77th in the 100-fly in 1:02.51.

Delaney McAfee was 39th in the 200-back in 2:38.82 and 39th in the 100-back in 1:12.44.

Hailey Paulick was 28th in the 400-IM in 5:32.46, 28th in the 200-yard in 2:33.91, 45th in the 50-free in 25.12, 37th in the 200-breast in 3:00.57, 37th in the 200-IM in 2:35.54 and 32nd in the 200-free in 2:17.65.

Ava Peterson was 24th in the 200-back in 2:30.80, 92nd in the 50-free in 26.53, 27th in the 100-back in 1:09.79, and 53rd in the 100-fly in 1:00.41.

Mia Phillip was 72nd in the 100-free in 55.88, 62nd in the 50-free in 25.54, 71st in the 100-back in 1:03.41 and 48th in the 200-free in 2:01.34.

Lew Sams was ninth in the 100-breast in 1:08.54, 14th in the 200-breast in 2:32.07, 72nd in the 100-back in 56.70 and 46th in the 200-IM in 2:01.97.

Molly Simmons was seventh in the 400-IM in 5:12.91, fifth in the 200-back in 2:23.37, 24th in the 200-breast in 2:53.71, fourth in the 100-back in 1:05.53, 23rd in the IM in 2:29.45 and 41st in the 100-fly in 59.57.

Annabelle Swiney was second in the 400-IM in 5:08.44, sixth in the 100-free in 58.65, 11th in the 200-IM in 2:24.97, second in the 200-fre in 2:06.32, and fifth in the 400-free in 4:33.79.

Colin Walrond was 15th in the 200-back in 2:15.72, 74th in the 100-breast in 1:03.60, 39th in the 50-free in 26.07, 12th in the 100-back in 1:01.13, 27th in the 200-IM in 2:21.14.

Lizzie Williams was 41st in the 1500-free in 21:09.54 and 87th in the 100-fly in 1:03.70.

Brady Wright was 29th in the 400IM in 5:04.09, 38th in the 200-breast in 2:19.24, 36th in the 200-free in 2:07.49 and 29th in the 400-free in 4:30.77.


The boys 200 freestyle relay team of Hinshaw, Coggan, Mattice and Tarara won in a time of 1:23.89. They also won the 400-freestyle relay in a time of 3:05.97.

The boys 800 freestyle relay team of Jake Tarara, Gavin Coggan, Toby Dollens and Walker Mattice won in a time of 6:46.71.

The boys 400-freestyle relay team of Tarara, Hinshaw, Coggan and Mattice won in 3:05.97.

The girls 800-free relay team of Ava Metzger, Maggie Hadley, Hailey Paulick and Annabelle Swiney placed second in 7:36.47. They also placed fifth in the 400-free relay in 3:33.56.

The boys 200-medley relay team of Tarara, Sams, Hinshaw and Mattice placed third in 1:33.15. They also were fifth in the 400-medley relay in 3:28.04.

The girls 200-yard freestyle relay team of Swiney, Maggie Hadley, Buroker and Hailey Paulick placed 11th in 1:39.49. The girls 200-yard free relay team of Akin, Metzger, Gordon and Simmons placed 16th in 1:40.12.

The girls 800-free relay team of Simmons, Gordon, Phillip and Hunter placed 14t in 8:00.49. The girls 800-free relay team of Akin, Hermacinski, Fleming and Buroker placed 27th in 8:15.03.

The girls 400-medley relay team of Simmons, Akin, Swiney and Metzger placed fourth in 3:50.93. They also placed fourth in the 200-medley relay in 1:46.63.

The girls 400-medley relay team of Delaney McAfee, Gordon, Claire McAfee and Hunter placed 31st in 4:11.46. The girls 200-medley relay team of Delaney McAfee, Katie Gordon, Claire McAfee and Buroker placed 26th in 1:54.55.

The girls 400-free relay team of Simmons, Akin, Mia Phillip and Hermacinski placed 15th in 3:40.60. The 400-free relay team of Buroker, Gordon, Delaney McAfee and Ava Fleming was 27th in 3:46.44.

The girls 400-medley team of Peterson, Hadley, Hermacinski, and Paulick placed 13th in 4:00.67. They also placed 14th in the 200-medley relay in 1:50.92.

The boys 400-medley relay team of Colin Walrond, Toby Dollens, Coggan and Eli Dollens placed ninth in 3:32.83. That quartet was also 10th in the 200-medley relay in 1:36.39.

The boys 200-free relay team of Toby Dollens, Eli Dollens, Walrond and Hovyadinov placed 14th in 1:29.01. That quartet was also 10th in the 400-free relay in 3:14.54.

The 800-free relay team of Wright, Eli Dollens, Hovyadinov and Walrond placed 22nd in 7:23.36.

The 200-free relay team of McAfee, Phillip, Hermacinski and Peterson placed 30th in 1:43.44.

The boys 800-free relay team of Hinshaw, Sams, Steven Phan and Clay Zittel placed 25th in 7:27.41.

The 200-medley relay team of Phan, Hovyadinov, Wright and Zittel were 37th in 1:43.79. That group was 40th in the 400-medley relay in 3:49.24.

The 200-free relay of Phan, Zittle, Sams and Wright placed 41st in 1:33.77. They were 36th in the 400-free relay in 3:25.42.

Will Willems is the Sports Editor of the Lebanon Reporter. Follow him on Twitter @Will_Willems.