Zion Chapel offensive lineman Malachi McNeil signs with North Dakota State College for Science

JACK, Ala (WDHN) — Malachi McNeil, a senior offensive lineman at Zion Chapel, has inked a commitment that will take him far from his Alabama roots. The 6-foot-3, 330-pound athlete has signed on to continue his football career at North Dakota State College for Science.

Despite never having set foot in North Dakota before, McNeil is ready for a new adventure.

“I love Alabama and I’ll probably, of course, be moving back and living here,” McNeil said. “But I want to experience some other places outside of just Alabama, and even the South, you know. Something new, something I’ve never experienced before.”

In addition to pursuing his passion for football, McNeil plans to pursue a degree in special education during his time with the Wildcats. Looking ahead, he hopes to transition to a four-year university to continue both his academic and athletic endeavors.

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