Zappa the cat gets her modeling inspiration from Gigi Hadid

Sweet Spot

When it comes to posing in feline fashion, Zappa is purrfection. The 3-year-old kitty lives in the Netherlands with her owner, Lana Vermeegen. Zappa has made Instagram her personal catwalk. She shows off adorable custom-made outfits to her 74,000 followers. Vermeegen told People, “I really like clothes and fashion myself, and I thought it was really cute to look for tiny clothes that would fit Zappa. So Zappa slowly got used to it.”

Fashion is Zappa’s passion just like Gigi Hadid, her style icon. “She is such a great inspiration for the poses,” Vermeegen said. Like Hadid, this cute cat enjoys posing in her sunnies, can make a hoodie look high-fashion, and has totally nailed the head-toss pose.

Zappa makes modeling look so easy, but this kitty can have her diva moments. “She’s a very natural model,” Vermeegen said. “But she also has some days that she’s not really into it, and then we try to distract her with toys and treats.” Still, this feline fashion star is enjoying her Instagram celebrity.

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