Zaire Wade is dunking in Cleveland almost as much as his father Dwyane

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<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nba/players/3704/" data-ylk="slk:LeBron James">LeBron James</a> Jr. (L) and Zaire Wade take in a <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nba/teams/cle/" data-ylk="slk:Cleveland Cavaliers">Cleveland Cavaliers</a> practice together. (Instagram)
LeBron James Jr. (L) and Zaire Wade take in a Cleveland Cavaliers practice together. (Instagram)

Dwyane Wade isn’t quite as bouncy as he once was with the Miami Heat, logging only three dunks in his 418 minutes for the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. The 36-year-old future Hall of Famer better look out, though, because his son Zaire is nipping at his heels with his first dunk in Cavaliers gear:

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I’m still not prepared to say Zaire is as explosive a dunk as his dad, even at an advanced NBA age …

… but the 15-year-old’s one-bounce alley-oop to himself was still pretty impressive nonetheless.

The younger Wade was on the court during Cavs practice on Saturday, showing off his dunking skills. As we learned from the elder Wade’s Instagram account, LeBron James Jr. was in the house, too:

Bronny (13 years old) and Zaire are two and a half years apart, but close from their dads’ Miami days.

LeBron’s son plays in Akron and is considered one of the top middle-school players in the nation, with offers from Duke and Kentucky already reportedly in, and Dwyane’s eldest son is a Chicago Mount Carmel sophomore drumming up some interest from Michigan State. Soon enough, they’ll be getting the same questions as their fathers about whether or not they’ll team up in Cleveland next year, too.

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