Zach Wilson's return to the starting role shows the Jets are lost | Inside Coverage

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz, Charles Robinson and Jori Epstein break down the team's decision to circle back on their starting quarterback position. Hear the full conversation on “Inside Coverage” - part of the “Zero Blitz” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: Zach Wilson has been named officially the starter for the Jets over the course of this weekend, which sort of ends a weird week of reports and speculation about whether or not he wanted to start, what was going to go down. But what do you make of it?

CHARLES ROBINSON: I don't know where else you would have turned at this point, because you're not going to win with Trevor Siemian as your starting quarterback. It's just not-- the talent level, the difference between those two players is immense. And you know, I just don't-- I don't think there are any answers for the Jets now at this point.

I think they messed up the backup quarterback position and put themselves in a situation where, as the offensive line deteriorated, they were going to lose no matter what they did. And we've talked about how they didn't prepare for it.

This is just the merry go round at this point. And I don't think it's going to change anything by the end of the season.

JORI EPSTEIN: Robert Saleh has been like, well, in Zach Wilson's defense, this offense wasn't designed for him, which I think is really a criticism, even if it's not how Saleh intended it to be, it's a criticism of Nathaniel Hackett that this offense hasn't adjusted enough for anyone but Aaron Rodgers to succeed in it. And success doesn't have to be 40 points a game winning every game.

It should be scoring touchdowns in the plural most games. Like, I don't think that is a crazy thing to expect from an NFL offense. You cannot go into your season being like, we need to make sure everything is perfectly in place if our starting quarterback who we pay a ton of money to goes down.

But you do need to have some plan for stopping the gap if that doesn't happen. And I think that Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas have done a very good job on pretty much everything except for the backup quarterback plan. But that's a really big blemish in the season. And I think even if you're going for Aaron Rodgers, like, this is not that you tried something and it didn't work because you didn't know if it was going to work.

You knew pretty well, in my opinion, that Zach Wilson was not ready. Now, I'm not saying he wasn't going to be ready in two or three years, but one year down the line, after everything that happened last year, both on and off the field with the Jets organization, it was going to be a bold move to rely on him this season.

JASON FITZ: Every single week, it's the same conversations. Guess what? The Jets screwed up their backup quarterback position. Guess what? Zach Wilson is not good enough to start. And guess what? The Jets are going to look bad this week.

The thing that makes me frustrated is that we, then, have to react to every ounce of it when there's nothing new here. The Jets suck. We just gotta wait for this season to die at this point. That's all we can do with the Jets.