Zach Wilson pokes fun at recent headlines he has made

We’ve struggled with whether to write about an issue that became one of the most interesting subjects in NFL circles over the weekend. Despite everyone reacting to it on social media, we chose to wait.

His teammates addressed it. We considered writing about it then. We chose to wait.

We chose to wait until the person at the heart of the issue addressed it himself. And he has.

On Wednesday, Jets quarterback Zach Wilson posted this on Instagram: “Took the boys to @gozzerranchclub in Idaho before camp! Poor cell service…what I miss?”

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He knows what he missed. Assuming he missed it. He surely didn’t. No one did.

In a nutshell, Wilson’s ex-girlfriend claimed that he had cheated on her. With his mom’s best friend.

If she was trying to make him look bad, it didn’t work. Wilson, right or wrong, was celebrated by teammates and other current and former players. Funny or not, it has become a running joke.

Wilson is clearly in on the joke. Presumably, that’s all he’ll ever say about it. Unless someone asks him about it at training camp.

Depending on who’s there, maybe someone will.

Zach Wilson pokes fun at recent headlines he has made originally appeared on Pro Football Talk