Zach Wilson: Dealing with adversity in past will help me now

Quarterback Zach Wilson and the Jets offense are coming off a rough game against the Chargers, but rough patches are nothing new for Wilson.

His first two-plus years as an NFL player have featured bad performances, injuries, constant shuffling on the offensive line, benchings and other obstacles to the kind of success that the Jets envisioned when they made Wilson the second overall pick in the 2021 draft. On Wednesday, Wilson was asked if he thinks his experience with adverse situations is going to help him bounce back from the Chargers loss.

"Absolutely, I absolutely think it does, Wilson said, via a transcript from the team. "It’s a great point, because it’s been tough, it’s been challenging, and we just have to keep going. Very optimistic, I am, about what we have as an offense, and I know every week we’re right there, we’re close, and eventually we have to turn the page, but I still feel that way, and I’m excited for this next week, the next challenge, and yeah, like you said, just fighting through it and learning."

While Wilson's short career has featured a few hopeful stretches, they are hard to find amid the kinds of mistakes and ineffectiveness that sank the team last Monday night. That makes it hard to believe that a sustained run of success is just around the corner, but the Jets aren't looking elsewhere at quarterback so the team has little choice other than to hope that this might finally be the turning point.