Zach Randolph was in a minor accident, misses shootaround, drives a Dodge

On Monday, Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph was rear-ended while exiting an off ramp in downtown Memphis. Randolph, who was on his way to morning shootaround, was hit by the driver of a 2000 Honda CRV; and the Honda driver in question was cited for "Failure To Maintain a Safe Lookout." That is to say, "don't tailgate, Guy Who Is Probably Trying To See if Zach Randolph Is In That Car." Zach was driving a 2011 Dodge Charger Challenger at the time.

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For the 2011 model year, Dodge redesigned its Charger Challenger model, creating a more streamlined version of its longtime go-to feature sedan. Around the same time, Randolph redesigned his game, working quickly out of the post or in the triple-threat position on the baseline, and utilizing his strengths in a manner that actually aided in a winning cause. Just as much power, but streamlined in a way that Zach's typical double-double efforts didn't come at the expense of his team.

This is why it sort of makes sense that Randolph, a noted car enthusiast, would be driving a car that he's getting made fun of for (in a slight way, on Twitter) owning. The Charger Challenger model has been around for ages, and while its six-cylinder version might be a favorite of rental car outfitters from coast to coast, the decked-out Hemi-powered model is something to behold. And its structure -- a retro rear drive power train, with heaps of horsepower to spare -- is right in line with how Zach Randolph works.

Randolph admitted to being a little sore after the accident, and probably lost a few "one of the guys"-points by telling the press that he drove his Rolls Royce to Monday night's win over the Clippers, but what do you expect a player making over $15 million a year to drive. A Dodge?

Apparently you can do both. It's a small and slight story, but a good one. Zach Randolph might roll in a Rolls, but he's not ashamed to buy new, and buy local. To add to his fleet. So give him some space, Guy In a CRV.

(UPDATE: Grizzlies beat man Chris Herrington chimes in to point out that the Memphis Commercial Appeal has updated their story to point out that the car was in fact a Dodge Challenger; a more expensive but just as workmanlike model of muscle car.)

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