Zach Randolph might think there are 42 minutes in an NBA game

Zach Randolph's(notes) scoring is down this year, to around 15 points per game, but overall he's playing as well as ever. The Memphis Grizzlies' power forward is rebounding like a mad man, including 20 caroms in Monday night's win over Phoenix, as a young Grizzlies worked their way toward a .500 record. He was so good, he won The Basketball Jones' nod as the player of the night.

It was consistency that was key, according to Zach. From tip-off, until the final buzzer sounded after 48 minutes of NBA basketball.

Right, Zach?

"We just finished the whole game," he said. "We played the whole 42 minutes."


Zach's been in the league since 2001, so you'd like to think he'd have his timing (so to speak) down by now. But we all have brainfreezes. I've been watching both college and pro football all my life, and I still forget how many minutes go into each quarter. I still slip and call hockey periods "quarters." I still confuse my Collins twins, and rarely get Ryan Anderson's(notes) first name right.

But a cliché like "the whole 48 minutes?" OK, maybe we are allowed to laugh.

That's just me, helping our loyal BDL readers make it through their daily 9-to-4 gig.

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