Zach LaVine looks frustrated as he blows off team PR person postgame, says it was "miscommunication"

NBA: Orlando Magic at Chicago Bulls
NBA: Orlando Magic at Chicago Bulls

The Bulls picked up a much-needed win Saturday over the Heat. It wasn't Zach LaVine's best outing — 13 points on 5-of-10 shooting, with eight rebounds and six assists — but when you're the two-time All-Star and the biggest name on the team, sometimes you still get asked to do the walk-off interview with the Chicago broadcast.

LaVine didn't celebrate the win with teammates and very visibly blew through an effort by the Chicago PR staff to grab him for the postgame interview.

When coach Billy Donovan heard about this he was "downright ticked," reports Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times. LaVine tried to play it off when reporters asked about it.

"Just a miscommunication with the PR team. We're all fine.’’

not how it looked. That looked like a disgruntled star pissed off about something storming off the court.

LaVine and the Bulls are both working on a way to trade the star, both sides are ready to move on, but it's going to take time for a deal to come together (almost certainly after Dec. 15 at the earliest, when many of the players signed this summer become eligible to be traded. Until that deal is found, the Bulls and LaVine will have to get along, and him playing the heel will not help matters along.

It's going to be an interesting few weeks in Chicago.