Zach Edey: NBA draft scouting report and intel

2002 | 7’4 | 7’10 WS | 300 LBS

Team: Purdue

Best aggregate mock draft rank: 13 / Worst rank: NR

2023-24 stats:

In 2023-24, Edey averaged 24.9 points, 12.2 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 2.2 blocks, and 0.3 steals per game. He shot 62.5 percent from the field, 50.0 percent from three, and 71.1 percent from the foul line.


* Elite shot-blocking ability due to imposing size, providing a significant presence in the paint

* Proficient post scorer with remarkable touch around the rim, capable of securing positioning effectively

* Exceptional screener, creating opportunities for himself and teammates with his screening prowess

* Adept hands and finesse around the basket, excelling in finishing plays and drawing fouls

* Steady improvement as a free throw shooter, demonstrating progress in this aspect of his game

* Proficient drop-coverage defender, disrupting opposing offenses with his presence in the paint


* Struggles defensively against smaller and quicker opponents, particularly on the perimeter

* Limited mobility poses a significant hurdle, potentially hindering effectiveness against NBA speed

* Questions about fit in today’s NBA as a traditional center, especially regarding defending rapid transitions

* Uncertainties about ability to adapt to NBA-level defense, including preventing corner penetration and maintaining consistent transition defense

Scotto's draft notes:

“Edey might become the back-to-back Player of the Year,” a longtime NBA executive told HoopsHype. “He’s huge and can score down low, but we don’t play that way. He’s someone that I think can be able to step outside eventually because he shoots free throws well. If he gets switched out on the perimeter, however, he won’t be able to stop anyone.”

“People are talking about Edey going in the first round and I’m asking myself if we’re really talking about a situational big man in the first round?” an NBA scout told HoopsHype. “Is he going to be a starter? No. Is he going to be a backup every night? Probably not. He’s Boban Marjanovic in my opinion.”

Excerpts from HoopsHype’s Aggregate Mock Draft from colleague Michael Scotto, who contributed research to this story, can be found here.

Story originally appeared on HoopsHype