Zach Braff Discovers He's 'The Face of Russian Boner Problems,' Ukrainian Computer Repair

Katie Roberts
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It's not uncommon for celebrities to discover that their likeness has been used without their knowledge or permission. But as Zach Braff recently learned, sometimes the theft of a famous face can have some pretty hilarious results.

It all started when Braff saw an ad for what appeared to be a Russian computer repair business, featuring his photo. His apparent IT skills were news to the former "Scrubs" star, who tweeted out the ad to his followers. Braff was quickly informed that the ad was actually from Ukraine -- and that similar ones have been spotted before.

But that was nothing compared to what came next: A different Braff follower found yet another ad from Eastern Europe featuring the star, this time with subject matter a bit more blush-inducing than computer woes.

"Don't you know that you also cure impotence in Saratov, Russia?" Braff's follower quipped. The actor shared that image himself a couple days later, adding the facepalm emoji for commentary. "I am the face of Russian boner problems," he wrote, adding in the hashtag #blessed.

And we certainly feel #blessed for having had these ads bestowed upon us. Keep it up (sorry), internet.

[via: Twitter]

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