Zac Taylor offers small update on Joe Burrow’s comeback

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow recently told fans he’s still planning for a Week 1 comeback.

Bengals head coach Zac Taylor wouldn’t go that far, but he does say the franchise quarterback is doing everything he can to get back as soon as possible.

In a superb sitdown with The Athletic’s Jay Morrison, Taylor noted Burrow has been around the building here and there and remains on track:

“He’s been around quite a bit. He does everything he can possibly do right now. He’s adamant about that. The last I saw him was probably two weeks ago, and everything’s positive. He’s obviously very positive about it. Everything seems to be on pace. I’m very careful to make predictions, but everything has been positive so far. We haven’t necessarily been sitting down and talking. We’ve been busy interviewing coaches and our routine has not been normal at all, where we’re in the building from 8 to 5.”

Bengals trainers also recently gave up update on Burrow’s comeback trail.

While Taylor admits things haven’t been normal as of late for a variety of reasons, including the Senior Bowl, it’s clear there is a sense of trust in Burrow to move at the right speed and get back when he can.

So far, everything has seemed on pace for a Week 1 return and the small update here hasn’t given a reason for concern.


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