Zac Taylor doesn’t expect Joe Burrow return if Bengals make playoffs

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor had a simple answer on Monday when asked if he thinks Joe Burrow might be able to return this winter if his team makes the playoffs.

Taylor, fielding the question at his weekly presser, kept it short and sweet: “I wouldn’t think so.”

That’s not an outright no, but it’s right in line with how Taylor answers pretty much any injury-related questions. Burrow going to injured reserve wasn’t a part of the Monday roster moves for the team, but it feels like a matter of time.

We have yet to receive official word from the team on the exact injury or timeline for the recovery. But surgery has been said to be “likely” and the team announced Burrow was out for the year, which would surely include the postseason.

The Bengals enter their first week without Burrow in a precarious spot at 5-5 and last in the AFC North. But the star quarterback will be there on the sidelines on Sunday against the Steelers to help out Jake Browning, at least.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire