Yu Darvish bought steak and lobster dinner for minor-league teammates

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Chicago Cubs starter Yu Darvish is making sure his minor-league teammates are treated right. Darvish gave both his minor-league teammates and their opposition a meal to remember during his rehab stint with the South Bend Cubs.

What did Yu Darvish do?

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Darvish treated both the South Bend Cubs and the West Michigan Whitecaps to a steak and lobster meal.

Why was Yu Darvish with the South Bend Cubs?

Darvish is currently on a rehab assignment, and made a start with the South Bend Cubs on Monday. Darvish has been dealing with a triceps injury, and has been out since May 20 due to the issue. In eight starts with the Cubs, Darvish has a 4.95 ERA.

Why did Yu Darvish buy the meal for both teams?

Part of it was likely Darvish just being a good guy. He wanted to do something nice for both clubs.

Another part of it may have to do with how little money minor-league players make. Despite baseball being a business that brings in huge profits, minor-league players don’t see much of that money. It’s estimated that most minor-league players make less than the minimum wage. Some players have fought to challenge that, but have come up short. 

The South Bend Cubs are a Class A team filled with late-round picks who didn’t receive major signing bonuses. They don’t get to eat steak and lobster much with their salaries.

Buying the spread in the minors is a tradition

Darvish is not the first major-league player to buy the spread for his minor-league teammates. Both Derek Jeter and Phil Hughes had a competition when they were on rehab assignments with the New York Yankees.

While the gesture is thought of as a tradition, not every veteran follows it, according to a New York Daily News article written in 2011. That piece mentions a Yankees veteran who was reprimanded by Jason Giambi for skipping out on his duties. Mark McLemore was also called out by Nick Swisher for failing to provide for his minor-league teammates.

It’s unclear whether buying food for the opposing team is a part of that tradition. It’s possible Darvish went the extra mile with this one.

Yu Darvish made sure to treat his minor-league teammates — and their opponents — to a steak and lobster dinner. (AP Photo)
Yu Darvish made sure to treat his minor-league teammates — and their opponents — to a steak and lobster dinner. (AP Photo)

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