Allegations: Matt Patchan

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Nevin Shapiro on Patchan: Play audio

Miami booster Nevin Shapiro alleges he knowingly had improper contact with a recruit when two Miami assistant coaches accompanied Matt Patchan on a visit to the booster's home in Miami Beach. Shapiro alleges:

Matt Patchan
  • Position: Offensive tackle

  • Rivals recruiting rank: Ranked as the No. 18 player overall in the Class of 2008.

  • Miami career: None. Patchan committed to the University of Florida, where he is a backup.

• In 2007, Shapiro hosted Patchan and multiple members of the recruit's family in his $6 million Miami Beach mansion. The visit was arranged and attended by an assistant coach whom Shapiro refused to name, but who has since been identified by two sources as then-tight ends coach Joe Pannunzio. Shapiro did name then-offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland as also being at his residence when the booster provided a meal to the recruit and his family and helped make a recruiting pitch.

• Shapiro said the recruiting visit at his home was attended by the two Miami coaches, Patchan, Patchan's mother, Patchan's father and Patchan's uncle. The booster said several other Miami football players were also in attendance, including Robert Marve.

Corroborating accounts

• Two sources present at Patchan's alleged visit to Shapiro's home corroborated Shapiro's account, including the presence of the recruit and his family, as well as two Miami assistants and multiple Miami players.

In Shapiro's words

• "Matt Patchan was a player that the University of Miami was recruiting. I got a phone call from a friend of mine who was an assistant coach of the program. I'm not willing to name [the coach], but I will tell you that Matt Patchan came to my house on a summer visit [in 2007]."

• "[The two coaches and players] were in my house trying to talk [Patchan] into coming to play for the Unviersity of Miami. He inevitably signed with the University of Florida. There were two coaches there. I know coach Stoutland was there."


The University of Florida declined to make Patchan available for an interview concerning Shapiro, spokesman Steve McClain said.