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Jerome McDougle was one of dozens of Hurricanes players named by Nevin Shapiro in recorded interviews with federal agents. During those interviews, the booster admitted supplying benefits to an array of Miami players from 2002 to 2010. Shapiro alleges he provided multiple extra benefits to McDougle in the months leading up to and during the 2002 season. Among the benefits he claimed to have provided:

Jerome McDougle
  • Position: Defensive end

  • Rivals recruiting rank: None.

  • Miami career: McDougle wasted no time making an impact after transferring to the Hurricanes from Hinds Junior College. He started every game in his two seasons with Miami notching 14 sacks and four forced fumbles. Following his senior season, McDougle was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles with the 15th overall pick in the 2003 NFL draft. He is currently out of football.

• A television from BrandsMart USA for an apartment shared by McDougle, Cornelius Green and Andrew Williams. Shapiro said the TV cost approximately $700.

• Drinks and VIP access in nightclubs.

• A handful of cash gifts.

• Food, drinks and entertainment in the booster's $2.7 million Miami Beach home.

Corroborating accounts

• One source corroborated Shapiro purchasing a TV for the apartment shared by McDougle, Green and Williams.

• One source corroborated Shapiro giving McDougle cash gifts.

• Two sources corroborated Shapiro entertaining McDougle at his home. Yahoo! Sports has also acquired a photo of the booster with McDougle, Green and Williams inside his Miami Beach home. Shapiro and a second source said the photo was taken in 2002.

In Shapiro's words

• "Jerome McDougle roomed with Andrew Williams and Cornelius Green. He had not met me, except he had heard my name and I bought a TV for their household. It was about a 35-inch TV. I think I spent like 700 bucks on it. When he met me, the first day of, I forgot what it was called – Canes Fest, I think? Not Canes Fest. Autograph signing. Meet the team day. And he knew who I was. He gave me a hug [and] whatnot."

• "We had a good relationship. [McDougle, Green and Williams] were at my house a number of times. I didn't have the boat yet. Actually, yeah, I did have the boat. We went fishing on the boat. We did go fishing on the boat."

Nevin Shapiro said this photo was taken prior to a group fishing trip on Nevin Shapiro’s $1.6 million yacht in 2003. From left to right are Cornelius Green, Shapiro, Jerome McDougle, Jonathan Vilma, William Joseph, D.J. Williams, Javon Nanton and Orien Harris.

Nevin Shapiro and Jerome McDougle took this photo on the field after Miami's 56-45 win on Dec. 7, 2002. McDougle later signed the photo for Shapiro, with the personal inscription, “Jerome McDougle #95 Crazy Motherf*** #1 fan”.

Nevin Shapiro and a second source said this photo was taken in the summer of 2002, at the booster’s $2.7 million Miami Beach home. From left to right are Jerome McDougle, Cornelius Green and Andrew Williams.

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