Allegations: Jeff Stoutland

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Nevin Shapiro alleges that Jeff Stoutland was present when he had impermissible contact with offensive line recruit Matt Patchan in the summer of 2007. Among Shapiro’s allegations:

Jeff Stoutland
  • Position: Offensive line coach

  • Miami career: Stoutland spent four seasons coaching the offensive line for the Hurricanes, including a 2010 unit that helped lead the ACC in total offensive yardage. After the firing of Randy Shannon, Stoutland took over as Miami’s interim head coach for the Hurricanes’ 33-17 loss to Notre Dame in the Sun Bowl. In January, he took over as the assistant head coach and offensive line coach at Alabama.

• Stoutland joined a second coach, identified by two sources as then-assistant Joe Pannunzio, at Shapiro's $6 million Miami Beach mansion for a recruiting pitch to offensive line prospect Matt Patchan. The visit, which Shapiro and two sources said occurred in the summer of 2007, included Patchan, three members of the recruit's family (his mother, father and uncle), two Miami assistants and Hurricanes players Robert Marve, A.J. Trump, Derrick Morse and Jason Fox.

• Shapiro said Stoutland was on hand while he gave Patchan and his family a tour of his home and made a recruiting pitch for the Hurricanes.

Corroborating accounts

• Two sources present at Patchan's alleged visit to Shapiro's home corroborated the presence of the recruit and his family, as well as the presence of two Miami assistants and multiple Miami players.

In Shapiro's words

• "Jeff Stoutland I met a couple of times. He was an offensive line coach. One time in particular he was at my house in the recruitment of Matt Patchan, a player from Seffner. Florida, I believe. Matt Patchan came to my house with his father and his mom and his uncle, who played at the University of Miami. I think it was his uncle. Coach Stoutland was just part of the recruiting visit. After that, we spoke maybe three or four times, or whenever I would see him at team functions."


Could not be reached for comment through the University of Alabama.