Allegations: DeQuan Jones

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Nevin Shapiro on Jones: Play audio

Miami booster Nevin Shapiro alleges he engaged in an NCAA violation in the recruiting of basketball player DeQuan Jones. Shapiro's allegation:

DeQuan Jones
  • Position: Small forward

  • Rivals recruiting rank: Ranked as the No. 23 player overall in the Class of 2008.

  • Miami career: Jones has played in a reserve role off the bench during his first three seasons with the Hurricanes. Jones is expected to push for an expanded role this season as a senior under the new coaching staff.

• The booster alleges that in the early summer of 2008, he was made aware by assistant coach Jake Morton that a member of Jones' family required $10,000 to ensure the player's commitment. Shapiro said Morton met the booster at his Miami Beach mansion to pick up the money, where the transaction was witnessed by current Miami football staffer Sean Allen. According to Shapiro, it was Allen who went to Shapiro's safe and removed the $10,000 in cash, which was then given to Morton by Shapiro. Shapiro said he and Morton then played one game of pool, and the coach left. Shapiro also said he believes Jones had no knowledge of the cash transaction.

• Shapiro said head coach Frank Haith acknowledged the transaction and expressed his gratitude when the two met briefly at David's Café later in the summer of 2008.

• Shapiro alleges the $10,000 was later returned by Morton in June of 2010, after the booster had been incarcerated and left angry messages for both Morton and head coach Frank Haith about refusing to take his calls. Shapiro said that during those messages, he remarked about having paid $10,000 to secure Jones’ commitment for the basketball team. The booster alleges that shortly after he left those messages, Morton reached out to his bodyguard and expressed a desire to return the $10,000. Shapiro said the money was then returned by Morton, who allegedly insisted on turning the cash over to the booster's bodyguard at a gas station near the home of Shapiro's mother, rather than handing it to her directly. Shapiro said his bodyguard then delivered the cash to his mother.

Corroborating accounts

• One source corroborated Shapiro’s description of Morton turning over the $10,000 to his bodyguard at a gas station near the home of the booster’s mother.

In Shapiro's words

• "I gave [the basketball coaches] $10,000 for a player named DeQuan Jones. DeQuan Jones committed to Miami from Georgia. A school in Georgia. I'm not sure where. I never had a dealing directly with the kid. The money was given to Jake Morton at my house. … By the way, the $10,000 they did return to me after I was incarcerated when I became pissed off [at] the fact that they were ignoring my calls."

• "They did return the $10,000. They followed one of my security guards up to my mother's house [and] gave the money to my mother directly."


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