Blazers discussing trade for Grizzlies' Conley

The Portland Trail Blazers and Memphis Grizzlies have discussed a multiplayer trade that centers on the exchange of forward Travis Outlaw and point guard Mike Conley, league sources said Friday.

The talks have been ongoing for weeks, but one source close to the Blazers said Portland GM Kevin Pritchard remains hesitant about completing the deal and that a trade doesn't appear imminent.

The salaries of Outlaw and Conley would allow for a one-on-one swap, but both teams want to include additional players and contracts to satisfy other needs, including Portland’s Sergio Rodriguez and Memphis’ Hakim Warrick and Javaris Crittenton. It is unlikely that this trade will happen for a straight-up exchange of Outlaw and Conley.

Outlaw, 24, and Conley, 21, are both represented by agent Bill Duffy, and a source said that he’s been involved in the discussions.

Portland has long coveted Conley, in large part because of his childhood friendship with center Greg Oden. Conley and Oden grew up together in Indianapolis, playing together through a Final Four season at Ohio State. Pritchard knows that Conley has the credibility to get in Oden’s face when he needs a push, and that’s played an important part in his trade explorations.

The Blazers have been active on several trade fronts, including discussions earlier this season with the Atlanta Hawks that would’ve included a package for point guard Mike Bibby. Those talks died when the Hawks started the season with five straight victories.